hair loss reduction with a head massage

Hair Loss Reduction

Head massage to reduce hair loss

Our hair is one of the most important parts of our body that influences the way we look so having good and naturally healthy hair is very important. But unfortunately, we do not always give our hair and our scalps as much attention as they deserve to ensure that we benefit from healthy looking hair. In fact, our scalp is one of the most neglected parts of our body. If we eat well, supply our hair with the necessary nutrients, use natural nourishing products in our hair and combine this with just a 15 to 30 minute daily massage of our scalp then we can ensure that we maintain healthy hair and reduce hair loss.

A head massage is very important in improving blood circulation of the scalp and helps the blood carry nutrients to the body. Working your fingers into your scalp can really get the blood flowing right into the hair root. Getting the nutrients to the hair follicle will what will supply the hair shaft its strength allowing the hair not only to grow healthy but to grow stronger.

In order to give your head a massage you want to knead your fingers into your scalp with medium pressure and perform small circular motions with your finger tips. You want to work your way from the top of your hair line all the way down to the back of the skull and the sides of the head. Criss-cross your fingers and apply the pressure with your finger tips to circulate the blood within the scalp. The application of the pressure and the warmth generated leads to the blood vessels to open around your hair follicles to benefit from the nutrients supplied to it.

At the same time, the rubbing sensation of the fingers and hands that is experienced in the scalp leads to a feeling of relaxation, which also helps lower the stress levels to help reduce hair loss. You can add some natural hair care oil to further stimulate circulation. The application of the right oils will also act as a conditioner to promote healthier hair. Keep the oils in your hair for a minimum of half hour before washing.

Another way of stimulating the blood flow is to collect some hair between your finger tips and tug the hair gently at the root of the hair


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