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Tips to Stop Hair Loss At Home Naturally

There are many hair loss control treatments on the market claiming to help control hair loss effectively. But unfortunately, a lot are simple fads and most do not work. Not only that, a lot of the treatments are fairly expensive and some even have undesired side effects. If you are experiencing hair loss then there are ways that you can control the loss of hair through home made treatments. Here we will discuss just some of the treatments that can be tried. The techniques are both safe and inexpensive to help promote healthy growth of hair. So lets get to it.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Sage Tea mix:

If you mix apple cider vinegar and sage tea together, you can use it as a rinse for your hair. The actual mix acts as an antiseptic and a natural cleanser and will actually help grow hair. It is fairly easy to apply and use. Simply apply it in your hair, leave for a minute and two and rinse thoroughly.

Almond Oil

This is another good oil to use for natural healthy hair. Massage the oil regularly into your scalp hair to reduce hair loss. You can massage the oil into your head at a frequency of once a day.

Honey and Egg Yolk

This is a good mixture to use in your hair. You can massage the mix into your hair, leave it for around 30 minutes and then rinse it out of your hair.

The most important part of applying any of the above treatments is the actual massage part of the application. By massaging the scalp, you stimulate blood circulation into the hair to help more nutrients to be carried to the hair follicles. The scalp is actually one of the most neglected areas of your body simply because people do not take care of it. The only time this area gets a little bit of attention is when you are shampooing your hair.

So before spending lots of money on expensive treatments, try some home made remedies on a regular basis to see if your hair growth improves

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