Growing hair tips to reduce hair loss
Stoppng Hair Loss Naturally

Reducing Hair Loss Tips

How to keep long and beautiful hair! These growing hair tips below will get you started on growing your crowning glory of healthy long and long hair:

Tip #1: Get your hair trimmed regularly.
As your hair grows and grows, it becomes more prone to damage, dryness and split ends. Those split ends can travel up the hair shaft, causing your hair strands to break prematurely. A trim every few weeks ( 8 to 10 ) can prevent the problem.

Tip #2: Condition your hair every day.
You have heard that skipping a shampoo every other day is a great idea as shampoo suds can cause hair to dry out. But using conditioner on your hair every day is a must! Conditioner not only strengthens the hair shaft, it keeps your locks supple and pliable and most importantly guards against breakage.

Tip #3: No-no to the blow-dryer!
If you use a dryer every day, it can make your hair extremely dry and very hot air can cause your hair to be damaged. You can use the hair dryer to dry extremely wet hair but do stop once your hair is no longer wet but has become moist. Then allow the hair to dry naturally. Try as often as you can, to allow your hair to air-dry instead.

Tip #4: Be careful about the hair accessories you use.
Use only those that are smooth to the touch and they do not have any metal parts that could snag or tear hair. Try to avoid heavy hair accessories that might weaken your hair in the long run.

Tip #5: Eat healthy and include essential fatty acids in your diet.
What better way to keep yourself healthy and your hair healthy at the same time? Try to eat a diet rich in fatty acids such as omega-3s can help keep your hair strong, shiny, and flexible. Good omega-3 oil can be found in fish such as tuna and salmon

Tip#6: Apply Natural Hair Care Oil
There are a variety of natural hair oils that are good for your scalp and you should aim to apply natural oils to your scalp at least once a week. Natural hair oils nourish your hair and also cleanse to ensure you have stronger hair.

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Growing Hair Tips
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Stop Hair Loss,Grow Hair Naturally