DHT Hair Loss
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There are a number of men who ask if there certainly is any cure to stop hair loss and there are many men who just feel that there is no cure for baldness. The fact is that these people believe that baldness is simply a natural procedure and they also feel that the hair loss reversal procedure may mean going against nature and hair loss solutions should not be experimented.

The fact is that baldness does have a cure and these certainly are not limited to one or two cures, but several. Most of these can also be explained on the basis of simple principle – DHT.

But before we start understanding the cures it is important that we have a deep understanding of its causes. Most of the men simply start getting bald just because of the action of DHT which is a naturally forming chemical and is also formed as a by-product due to testosterone and this certainly is one of the main reasons why most eunuchs never get bald.

DHT may have its own uses but it is also harmful for our follicles of hair as it prevents the nourishment of hair follicles.

Hair follicles

Hair follicles are believed to take all the required amount of nutrition from our blood through the very fine network of blood vessels. They make use of these nutrients to convert it into hair. In case they fail to get sufficient nutrients the hair produced may be thinner in appearance. In cases where the follicles do not collect any nutrients, they may simply tend to stop the formation of hair.

DHT is a chemical that simply avoids the formation of hair from follicles as it prevent it from taking all the required nutrients from our blood. This is one of the main reasons why men go bald with age as hair tends to go thinner before disappearing completely. This is also one of the main reasons why the hair next to hair line are usually thinner than those that are on the back side of your head. This hair is usually the first to disappear

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DHT Hair Loss
How DHT affects the hair to cause DHT hair loss in men.
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