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What Causes Hair Loss?

There are 3 main causes of thinning hair and hair loss.  There are natural and home remedies for hair loss available that correct each of these problems without side-effects or expensive  It's smart, safe, and easy.

Hair Loss Cause #1: DHT

The most common cause of Female Pattern
Hair Loss is due to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).   Essentially, DHT restricts the hair causing it to grow thinner and thinner until the follicle shuts down and the hair falls out.

Cause #2: Clogged Hair Follicles

Solidified scalp oil (sebum), dead skin cells, and harsh, sulfate laden hair care product residue combine to form deposits that clog hair follicles. The result can be hair loss, thinning hair, and various other undesirable scalp conditions.  Regular washing with ordinary shampoos cannot break down these deposits.

Cause #3: Weak Hair

Clogged hair follicles that have become nutrient deficient produce weak, brittle strands of hair that fall out before reaching their maximum thickness and length
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What causes hair loss?
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